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Post by BluesGM15 on Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:13 pm

Well fellas, season one is done! As you should all know by now this is GMCHL's first season back after almost a full years hiatus! In order to inspire some new people to join, we had to go pretty relaxed on some of the old rules we had that made this the best league that GMC has to offer. But now that you guys are invested and hooked, were gonna be moving back to the old rules, and it will make the league infinitely better! Here is what we have so far...

*******************OFFSEASON RULES****************************

1: There is to be NO.....I repeat NO offers made to other players RFA's. Every season theres one dummy who messes up and does it, and ignorance does not grant you innocence. To avoid ever signing another teams RFA's, there is a very simple thing you can do. In the Free Agents screen, simply press R2 or L2 to navigate between the many types of sorted lists. Theres plenty available, but the one you want is UFA's. There is no good excuse for "accidentally" poaching an RFA....so don't do it.

2: Players poof. When they do, they show up the year after as UFA's. This is NOT an excuse to poach them, if it was deemed by sens and myself that the player poofed through no fault of the users actions, but in fact because EA messed up. Be very careful even if a player that isnt on the poach list is available. More often than not if a player is too good to be a UFA theres a pretty good chance that something happened at the last advance that caused a player not to be signed. So before you sign any marquee players, it is wise to consult with the rest of the league first. Again, ignorance does not equate to innocence, so don't rush in with a hot head and sign all the players!

3A. In the past we've had players that are mid 80's get signed to stupid 12 mill 1 year contracts, just so that they get first dibs on the player the year after when they will sign for cheaper. FOR THIS REASON, you are NOT allowed to alter the amount of years a player is asking for, under any circumstance. If you are caught doing this the punishment is very severe. You can offer what ever amount you feel is fair to a player, but in the end, they will play for your team for the amount of years they sign.

3B. Trading of signed UFA players. We are all about realism here. And UFA signings are never traded in their first year with the club, with the exceptions of sometimes at the deadline (and generally only when they have a 1 or 2 year deal, but were gonna be lenient). That being said YOU CANNOT TRADE A PLAYER IN THEIR FIRST YEAR WITH YOUR CLUB UNTIL THE TRADE DEADLINE OF THEIR FIRST YEAR.This prevents dummies from just signing value at Free Agency and taking the player from a team that could actually use him.


***************GAMEPLAY RULES*****************************

1. THE DUMP RULE. Ah yes, the legendary dump rule that we excused from season 1. WELL its back! Here is how it breaks down. It is a FACT that when a team is on the power play, their D make very stupid decisions that make it VERY simple for the shorthanded team to expose them and almost guarantee shorthanded chances each time. Couple that in with the fact that its incredibly unrealistic for any hockey team to ever be attacking while shorthanded other than in RARE circumstances....and you get this rule.
So how does the rule work? Well its very simple. If you are shorthanded during a game you MUST DUMP THE PUCK. There are however, some exceptions to this rule.
A)If you are currently down by 2 or more goals at any time during the shorthanded time, you may attack as normal.
B) If you are losing by any score during the 3rd period, you may attack as normal while shorthanded.
C)If you turn the puck over from your opponent in the neutral zone, or in CLOSE proximity to your own blue line, you may make a shorthanded attack regardless of the score.

I am sure you all watch hockey if you are in this league, so here's a rule of thumb. If they wouldn't do it in the NHL, then don't do it here.

2. ONE TRADE PER ROTATION. There was WAY too much trading in year one....its time to simmer it down. You are now only allowed to make ONE trade per rotation. With the exception being the trade deadline where you may make 2-3 trades (TBD whether it will be 2 or 3).

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